Become a Referring Partner

Become a KyteStrings Marketing Agency Partner

Get Paid Bonuses To Refer Your Clients

KyteString’s Referral Partner Program is for companies and individuals who serve the healthcare industry that want to help their clients attract more patients and grow revenue through an internet marketing partnership with KyteStrings. As a marketing provider to the medical field, KyteStrings provides Referral Partner clients with exclusive pricing and benefits.

What’s In It For Our Partners?

We pay our referral partners recurring commissions on every deal referred. Our goal, however, is beyond the money. It’s to help our referring partner companies offer more value-added services for their healthcare clients making you a true trusted advisor that cares about their business growth goals.

KyteStrings is interested in serving the healthcare community better by creating strong exclusive partnerships with the industry’s best.

We are actively seeking partnership opportunities with:

  • Medical Device Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Insurance Sales
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Physician Liaisons


We’re Fully Committed To You And Your Patients.

Our Partnerships Are Based On Trust. To Earn and Keep Your Trust We Promise To:
1. Provide the very best online patient experience possible 2. To Serve our medical partners with unmatched dedication and support 3. To Fearlessly pursuing continual improvement 4. To capitalize on emerging online marketing trends and gain deep industry knowledge 5. To be the most trusted partner in healthcare marketing

We Want To Give You Valuable Marketing Ideas And Recommendations To Earn Your Trust. Even If We Never Do Business Together.