Call Tracking

Call Tracking That Grows Your Medical Practice

Gain Full Visibility Into How Your Patients Found Your Website And Which Marketing Tactics Are Generating The Most Leads

Identify What’s Driving New Patient Phone Calls
You spend time and money advertising your practice, but do you know what ads, pages, and keywords are driving new leads? When you setup a call-tracking number on your website or online properties, your healthcare organization gains total visibility into how a new patient found your practice.

With Call-tracking we can measure:

  • Caller Information
  • Time and Date of Calls
  • Call Duration
  • Website visits
  • Digital Ad Performance
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Robust Call Analytics

Data-Driven Marketing For Your Healthcare Organization

Data from call-tracking lends 100% transparency into the effectiveness and results of digital marketing campaigns such as Google Ads (PPC), Social Media Ads, Email Marketing, Local Profile or Map Searches, Direct Mail, TV, brochures, and more. Understanding which campaigns are bringing in the highest-quality new patients means we can proactively adjust budgets and spend to dramatically increase return on investment over time.

KyteStrings understands how to leverage call tracking data to build customized and flexible marketing campaigns that outperform industry averages and grow your business. We know Healthcare.


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