Fully-Managed Facebook Ad Campaigns

You need an expert Facebook digital strategist and campaign manager that has experience and track record of delivering better results.

We Turn Facebook Into Gold

Facebook is perhaps one of the most lucrative platforms for business to consumer companies to leverage in order to reach new clients.

Facebook has many different ways to promote your services but is often used incorrectly. Our marketing team has dialed in the exact winning formula to generate quality social engagement and website traffic to grow your business.

Your digital marketing partner for social media ads must understand the details that make Facebook ads successful:

  1. Have the right offer: is your promotion compelling enough for someone to take action?
  2. Target the right audience
  3. Use the right headline and messaging to solicit responses and action
  4. Link ads to dedicated landing pages, never your home page or contact page!
  5. Capture lead details: If someone is motivated enough to receive a promotional offer, they will be willing to give up their name, mobile number, and email for it.
  6. Lead details should flow into a CRM (Customer relationship management) system. Your CRM is one of the most important keys to successfully generating new revenue from an online marketing strategy. This is where your staff can follow up with leads, book appointments, and measure marketing ROI (return on investment).

KyteStrings provides our clients with a powerful lead management platform called LeadCenter.

Proof is in the reporting

Our clients often see returns on investment between 300%-1,000%. That’s right… 10X returns are not uncommon.

Facebook ads for med spas

Above: $14,900 in new revenue (annual lifetime client value over $50,000) generated in 1 month of Facebook ads using a $1,000 budget. Reporting period from 12-6-19 through 1-3-2020.

How Does Your Website Rank vs Other Local Med Spas?

Find out instantly.

Case Studies

SEO For Med Spas

[Case Study] How We Increased Search Rank For A New Med Spa Client In Under 60 Days

Who is the best med spa in your town? According to Google, it may be your competitor. How can you rank higher for lucrative searches…

Get A Marketing Plan In 2 Easy Steps

Our team will manually audit your web presence and provide valuable recommendations to start getting more appointments booked for the services you want to grow. Keep the plan, even if we never do business.

1. Book A Strategy Call

If you’re frustrated with the results from your current marketing strategy, schedule a call with a med spa marketing expert. During our call, discuss which services you want to generate more patients for and we will put together a plan to make it happen.

1. Receive A Plan – Yours To Keep

We will share our custom marketing plan for your med spa with specific recommendations that will get the results you desire. This plan is yours forever, even if we never do business together.