Landing Pages

Dramatically increase digital ad campaign results by using dedicated landing pages.

High-Conversion Landing Pages

What’s a Landing Page? Do I need one?

A landing page is a single web page where your digital ad traffic is sent to convert into a lead. This web page is not linked within your main website. Rather, it stands alone and can only be found by clicking a link from your Google ads, Facebook ad, or email/text campaigns.

If your med spa spends money on Google or Facebook ads that aren’t linked to a dedicated landing page, you’re wasting a heck of a lot of money and, sadly, getting a much lower return on investment than you should be.

Definition Of A Dedicated Landing Page

  • A single web page that’s not accessible from your website
  • A web page that only has 3 possible user actions:
    • Click the back button
    • Call the med spa
    • Send a web form to the med spa
  • A web page that communicates information and value for a single service or offer
  • Has clear call-to-action and next steps
  • Has analytics code from Facebook and Google to measure audience and web traffic information
  • Delivers leads to your med spa

A Successful Landing Page And Its Elements

Hover over the element numbers below to learn more.

best med spa marketing landing page 3
Call tracking phone number at the very top to capture lead information.
The offer is clearly communicated first as the main headline and serves as the most important piece of info you want to convey.
Call-to-action form to capture opt-ins. Once this form is submitted, the lead’s info should flow into your Lead Management software and auto-respond to the person via Text/Email a discount code.
Section 2: Define the positive BENEFITS (outcomes) of the treatment/service you’re promoting.
Section 3: Define the unique FEATURES of the treatment/service you’re promoting.
Section 4: Client reviews to build trust and credibility with your med spa and with the service itself.
Call-to-action #2 at the bottom of the page.
Section 5: Location and contact information using the same call-tracking phone number.

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