Text Message Marketing For Med Spas

We love Text Message marketing, our clients love the results.

The Power Of Texting Clients & Leads

It’s hard to ignore a text message. Text marketing, compared to any other channel, has the highest rate of clicks and views. If you’re not leveraging this technology you need to start immediately. It’s that important in the rate at which you can grow sales!

How To Leverage Texts In Your Marketing Strategy

Database Reactivation Campaigns

If you have a list of clients or leads in a database, this is the best place to start. Your med spa likely sends out monthly email messages to this list. Monthly text messaged are even better.

How database reactivation campaigns work:

  1. Send your database a text message with a promotional offer
  2. If the contact responds YES to the offer, send them a discount code via automation (this can be done using our LeadCenter platform).
  3. Once the contact received a discount code, they are prompted to call to get their free consultation scheduled. They also become a lead in your Lead Management or CRM (customer relationship management) platform where staff can follow up.

Database reactivation campaigns have yielded some of the highest returns on investment our clients have ever experienced.

Proof is in our results…

text message marketing for med spas

Visualization of a Database Reactivation Campaign marketing funnel:

database reactivation for med spas


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