Online Video Solutions for Healthcare

Leverage the Power of Video to Build Your Brand, Share Your Message, and Gain Visibility

Leveraging The Explosive Growth of Digital Video

Video is a preferred ad medium for building brands especially on social media. KyteStrings offers digital custom video creation and implementation across digital ad campaigns to increase engagement and retention of your message and unique offerings.

KyteStrings offers:

  • Custom Digital Video Creation
  • Paid Video Ads on Social
  • Video for Websites and Landing Pages

The Power of Using Video

By the Numbers

  • Businesses are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if they have video on their website
  • Adding a product video to a landing page can increase click-to-call conversions by 80%
  • Facebook users are 7 times more likely to like or share a post if it includes video

KyteStrings understands how integrating video into your digital marketing strategy can help differentiate your organization from competitors and increase new patient acquisition results.


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