Why KyteStrings ?

Give Your Patients The Very Best Online Experience Before They Even Step Into Your Office.

We Create Trust Between Patient and Doctors With Best-In-Class Marketing Technology and Patient Experiences.

What Makes KyteStrings The Best Marketing Partner For Your Medical Group?

  • We only serve the Healthcare community and understand the science behind medical marketing.
  • Free access to the most powerful cloud-based medical marketing tool available: My Marketing Hub.
  • 100% Transparency: My Marketing Hub provides total transparency into the marketing tactics we use and results we deliver for clients.
  • Unmatched dedication and support from our teams.

Give Us The Opportunity To Show Our Value And Earn Your Trust Before Ever Becoming a Client

Choosing the right marketing partner is a big decision, especially for those that have been burned in the past by pushy salespeople. KyteStrings wants to show you what a real partnership looks and feels like.

If you schedule a brief phone call or in-person visit with one of our healthcare marketing experts, we will provide your team with incredibly valuable customized recommendations on how your practice can improve its online presence, reputation, and reach more new patients. Even if we never do business together, we think it’s best to give before asking to receive.

Share With Us Your Growth Goals And We Will Give You Valuable Marketing Ideas and Recommendations Even If We Never Do Business.


We’re Fully Committed To You And Your Patients.

Our Partnerships Are Based On Trust. To Earn and Keep Your Trust We Promise To:
1. Provide the very best online patient experience possible 2. To Serve our medical partners with unmatched dedication and support 3. To Fearlessly pursuing continual improvement 4. To capitalize on emerging online marketing trends and gain deep industry knowledge 5. To be the most trusted partner in healthcare marketing

We Want To Give You Valuable Marketing Ideas And Recommendations To Earn Your Trust. Even If We Never Do Business Together.