Why KyteStrings?

The reasons med spas choose us as their trusted marketing partner

We’re Different Because

  • We focus on only one thing: growing aesthetic practices
  • We know the med spa business growth model
  • We educate you, not sell you
  • We have the best med spa marketing technology
  • Our team consists of proven entrepreneurs and business-growers
  • We provide 100% transparency into our marketing tactics and their results

We get med spas to their next big revenue target. Quickly.

  • Initial Growth: Revenue target 1M/yr
  • Mature Growth: Revenue target 2-5M/yr
  • Multi-Location Growth: Revenue Target 5M+/yr

We’re Fully Committed To Growing Your Business

We Promise to:

  • Provide the very best online experience for your clients
  • Serve our med spa partners with unmatched dedication and support
  • Fearlessly pursue continual improvement
  • Capitalize on emerging online marketing trends and gain deep industry knowledge
  • Be the most trusted partner in med spa marketing

We’re Ready To Earn Your Trust

Choosing the right marketing partner is a big decision, especially for those that have been burned in the past by pushy salespeople. KyteStrings wants to show you what a real partnership looks and feels like.

If you schedule a brief phone call with one of our med spa marketing experts, we will provide your team with incredibly valuable customized recommendations on how your business can improve its online presence, reputation, and reach more new clients- even if we never do business together.

Why We Exist

KyteStrings was created, like most companies, because there was a problem that needed solving.

The problem many med spas shared with us was this: It’s hard to find a marketing partner that listens to our needs and truly understands our business objectives that can also offer us the most relevant and cutting-edge marketing technologies for superior results.

So, we created both: personalized attention and a team of expert marketers that gives our clients access to My Marketing Hub, an ever-evolving cloud technology that provides 100% transparency into the marketing tactics being used to grow your business.

Top Questions We Get Asked


Who are you guys, anyway?

We are KyteStrings Digital – a new breed of digital marketing entrepreneurs that work exclusively with the Med Spa industry to implement the most effective digital strategies that generate new loyal customers for our clients.

We don’t just know about marketing. We know how to grow businesses. We understand the importance of staff development, your client’s experience, and creating efficiency within your Med Spa to turn your web presence into a revenue-generating machine.

Our experience and track record means we have implemented 1000’s of marketing campaigns and coached and developed 1000’s of small business clients to realize their revenue and growth goals.

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Our team, our focus, and our technology.
Everyone on our team is either a savvy marketer, entrepreneur, or business nerd.
Our team’s entire focus is a deep understanding of the Med Spa business model and the marketing tactics that grow the business. Our marketers implement the entire strategy on our client’s behalf so you can focus on staff and client development.
Our marketing technology platform is the best out there and something we are incredibly proud to offer all of our clients!
My Marketing Hub, gives our clients a single-sign-on platform where you can view all the results from every aspect of your online marketing solution. It provides 100% transparency and proof.
Beyond just the proof, it’s a place where you can post on social media, respond to reviews, update business information, manage your online appointment software, and more.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

What we promise is this: We will provide you a team of proven med spa marketing experts that will recommend solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. We promise to put you in the best position to achieve greater success.

There are no canned “one-size-fits-all” marketing solutions that we offer. Every Med Spa has different needs and gaps within their marketing and business processes.

We diagnose those gaps and give you recommendations to fix what’s preventing you from reaching the next level of success. By providing you this information, we hope, in turn, to earn your trust and business.

Our Single-Sign-On marketing platform, My Marketing Hub, provides total proof of results from every corner of your solution.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn’t it worked for?

That’s exactly why our initial Discovery Call is so important. It’s during this call that we ask specific questions about your Med Spa and your role to ensure we don’t waste anyone’s time.
If we aren’t 100% positive we can recommend marketing solutions that will help bring in new paying clients we will recommend another route for your business to take that will put you in a better position to succeed.
Yes, we turn business away that is not a fit for us.
Bad fit examples:
1. Med Spas that are already at complete capacity for new appointments
2. You don’t believe in Online Marketing to grow the business
3. Med Spas too busy to make changes (even if they know they should)
4. Not growth minded
5. Not willing to try new things
6. Med Spas that will not allow their marketing to be outsourced
7. Don’t have a marketing budget

What are examples of clients that you work with?

Med Spas that have a core group of existing clientele and desire to expand that group to increase the number of loyal and happy clients are usually at the right point in time to benefit the most from a marketing partnership with us.

Med Spas that are trying to handle their marketing efforts in-house but cannot keep up with the time-intensive requirements to do marketing the RIGHT way are usually great fits for us.

Med Spas that currently work with a marketing vendor, or multiple vendors, but don’t really know what is working best to bring in new clients typically seek our expertise to do a “Marketing Audit” of their current solutions to understand wasted money and leaks.

Med Spa owners and practice managers that want to rely on an industry expert to recommend the best strategies so they can spend time with staff development and clients are usually great fits for us.

What type of support do you offer?

You will get a single point of contact to be your personal Marketing Success Manager. That’s even their title! These are team members with long track records of success in marketing and business development.
All of our solutions are fully-managed by our marketers. This includes creating all of your digital assets for you, implementing the strategy for you, and managing the on-going optimization and evolution of your strategy for you.
We include monthly coaching calls in most of our solutions where we review the results of our efforts and make recommended proactive suggestions on ways to continually improve results.
Our clients also get a My Marketing Hub account. It’s one of our greatest features that sets our services apart: a single-sign-on dashboard where your team has full access to the results and data from all of our efforts.

What are typical examples of your services?

Our marketing offerings cover the entire spectrum of online digital growth solutions. We recommend customized solution packages that is different for every single client because they’re based 100% on fixing the problems with your current marketing strategy.

Common recommendations include:


1. Websites and search engine optimization
2. Social Media management and brand building
3. SMS Text Message and promotional marketing
4. Reputation Management: Review requests and responses
5. Digital ads in Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
6. Blog writing and Email Marketing Management
7. Website Chatbots
8. Online booking
9. Coaching calls

How Does Your Website Rank vs Other Local Med Spas?

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Get A Marketing Plan In 2 Easy Steps

Our team will manually audit your web presence and provide valuable recommendations to start getting more appointments booked for the services you want to grow. Keep the plan, even if we never do business.

1. Book A Strategy Call

If you’re frustrated with the results from your current marketing strategy, schedule a call with a med spa marketing expert. During our call, discuss which services you want to generate more patients for and we will put together a plan to make it happen.

1. Receive A Plan – Yours To Keep

We will share our custom marketing plan for your med spa with specific recommendations that will get the results you desire. This plan is yours forever, even if we never do business together.